Winchester Registry Office, the Basing Room for wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Photography at Winchester Registry Office

This is one of our favourite registry offices in the local area. A lot of registry offices don’t have much atmosphere to them. For a photographer, this makes life difficult. We can’t just put a backdrop in afterwards. So if a registry office already has beautiful features, it makes the chances of getting beautiful wedding photos even greater.

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The registry office moved location way back in 2014, from a rather soulless building next to the Winchester railway station, to its current location on Castle Hill. What a great decision. From the moment you arrive at the building, it oozes style. After entering the old doorway, you are immediately transported into a very unique space. A space that really suits our photography. As there is lots of natural window light, our favourite light to capture wedding photos with. Window light is what makes painters work, like Caravaggio really shine out. You simply cannot beat it for its quality and subtlety. I could shoot in good window light all day long. It creates magic in photos.

Some Weddings Captured at Winchester Registry Office

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12 of Our Favourite Winchester Registry Office Photos

The Ceremony Rooms at Winchester Registry Office

There are three ceremony rooms at Castle Hill. The main two rooms we normally shoot in are the beautiful Basing Room, with its ornate turquoise wallpaper and dark wood panelling and the Castle Room with its rich blue furniture and walls.

The Basing room is lit by a huge wall of window on the left hand side as you are photographing the bride walking down the aisle. This is perfect during the ceremony, as when the bride turns to face her groom, as in the photo above of Gemma with her husband Joe, she will be perfectly lit by a huge panel of natural even light. This light is similar my favourite light when I used to shoot for fashion magazines in London. To recreate it in a studio, I’d use a huge white panel with up to 8 flash heads spreading out or a huge bank of Kino Flo panels. Neither was cheap, yet here you have free light from those large windows. Superb.

In the Castle Room, there are large windows right at the front of the ceremony. So as the bride walks down the aisle, she is perfectly lit all the way. It’s part of the reason the 1st Black and White image above really stands out. Apart from the fabulous reaction of a shocked Ben seeing Ivana for the first time and having just turned back to me, all of the faces are perfectly lit. The rich colours in both rooms really work well too. So many registry offices use very dull colours or even yellow/green colours, which can have a very strange effect on skin colour. Whereas the blues make the skin tones really shine out nicely.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your Winchester Registry Office wedding, why not get in touch. Or perhaps you’re getting married at one of the other local Winchester venues. We’d love to capture your own wedding day for you both. No awkward posing, just natural wonderful wedding photos. 

Contact Details for the Winchester Registry Office:
Castle Hill
High Street
SO23 8UH
0300 555 1392
Nearest Parking – Tower Street Car Park

Winchester Registry Office Weddings

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    We are looking at the possibility of getting married on 4th May 2024 at Winchester registry and reception at Damerham Village Hall. Please can you give an idea of costs for photography? Thank you