Stylish Village Hall Wedding - Rainy Day Wedding Rotherwick Village Hall

Stylish Village Hall Wedding

Weddings shouldn’t be about how much money you spend on them, they should be about people, hugs, kisses, love and fun. Even on a low budget, you can have a stylish village hall wedding, even the rain doesn’t have to spoil things.

Gemma and Joe’s wedding at Rotherwick Village Hall has to be one of our favourite weddings of all time. It really was a perfect example of how to spend money on the important things and save on others. And if it rains, then simply laugh and enjoy the day. It’s your wedding day after all and you don’t get to chose the weather, I’m afraid. The pictures playing crazy golf in the rain are brilliant. I’ll even forgive them that I got soaked shooting them.

The wedding day started with bridal preparations at Hannah’s Bed and Breakfast in central Winchester. Hair and makeup was by Ausra Ruksene, who we’d not worked with before, but came highly recommended by Kristina Gasperas one of my favourite makeup artists. The makeup was superb on the day. Not only that, but for pictures, we had the wonderful possibility of taking shots inside and also outside through the window. I love window reflections, but they are always hard to capture, so I was over the moon with Gemma’s bridal prep shots. Especially the black and white reflection shot, one of my all time favourite images. No trickery involved and no setting up of the shot, it was just shot through the window, as the makeup was proceeding. Natural candid wedding photography is all about capturing moments, not setting them up.

The ceremony was at Winchester Registry Office. The wedding reception was at Rotherwick Village Hall. Amazingly, their whole wedding cost them under £15k, which is brilliant for such a stylish wedding with this many guests.

Carol & Paul

Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 01 9959Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 03 0027Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 04 0114Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 05 0134Sunflower buttonholeRotherwick Village Hall Wedding 07 0225Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 08 0180Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 09 0238Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 10 0291Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 11 0309Bride walking down the stairs at 16a Winchester BW photoRotherwick Village Hall Wedding 13 0404 Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 14 0423Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 15 0446Groom and Best Man waiting in the  Basing Room at Winchester Registry OfficeBride Arriving with her dad at Winchester Registry OfficeLaughing groom, tweed wedding suit, Winchester Registry OfficeRotherwick Village Hall Wedding 18 0556Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 20 0505Winchester Registry Office - Brides arrivalWinchester Registry Office - Anxious Groom awaits his bride in the Basing Room BW PhotoBrides arrival. The Basing Room at Winchester Registry Office - Winchester Registry Office - Brides arrivalWinchester Registry Office - Bride smiling at groomCandid bride portrait - Winchester Registry OfficeExchange of Wedding Rings Winchester Registry OfficeBride wipes away tear while laughing Winchester Registry OfficeFirst Kiss - Winchester Registry OfficeRotherwick Village Hall Wedding 30 0917Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 31 0761Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 32 0779Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 33 0784Sunflower Wedding Bridal BouquetRotherwick Village Hall Wedding 35 1303Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 36 0902Ford Mustang Wedding Car Winchester Registry Office Ford Mustang Wedding Car Winchester Registry Office Ford Mustang Wedding Car Winchester Registry Office Rotherwick Village Hall WeddingRotherwick Village Hall Wedding ReceptionRotherwick Village Hall Wedding 42 1469Confetti Throw as couple arrive at Rotherwick Village Hall WeddingConfetti Throw as couple arrive at Rotherwick Village Hall WeddingCouple Portrait - Rotherwick Village Hall WeddingRotherwick Village Hall Wedding 46 1678Fat Hog Catering at Rotherwick Village Hall weddingRotherwick Village Hall Wedding 48 1835Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 49 1843Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 50 1876Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 51 1998Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 52 1303Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 53 2006Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 55 9449Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 57 2179Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 56 9500Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 59 2315Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 58 2311Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 60 2328Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 61 2354Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 62 2372Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 63 1697Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 64 2862Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 65 2898Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 66 2901Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 67 1821Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 68 1840Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 70 1919Rotherwick Village Hall Wedding 69 2996

Stylish Village Hall Wedding

Hampshire Wedding Photographers Carol and Paul Tansley are available to shoot weddings all over Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and surrounding counties. If you are getting married at a Village Hall why not contact us and see if we are available to shoot your wedding day.

Rotherwick Village Hall website
16a Winchester (previously Hannah’s B&B)– great venue for bridal prep in Winchester
Hair & Make Up by Ausra Ruksene @ Kristina Gasperas
Groom & Best Man’s bespoke suits (they were beautiful) by Ben Stafford @ Stafford Tailoring
Catering (really lovely food) Fat Hog Catering

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