WPJA Award Speeches

We are not your average wedding photographers!

We love winning awards for our images. Especially awards that are voted for by our peers in the Wedding Industry. I can remember when we started shooting weddings in 2010, that I couldn’t bring myself to call ourselves Award Winning Photographers. It’s meaningless unless you actually have some. But that all changed with our first Fearless Award in 2016. Since that time, we always like to enter a few of our favourite images into the competitions held by the top respected wedding organisations. These include Fearless, WPJ, ISPWP. These three being the biggest in the world. 

awards awardwinning left leaf


awards awardwinning right leaf
awards awardwinning left leaf


awards awardwinning right leaf
ISPWP Top 100 Wedding Photographers 2023 Badge
WPJ Top 100 Wedding Photographer 2021
WPJ Top 150 Wedding Photographer 2022
WPJ Top 100 Wedding Photographer 2023

Placed in the Top 100 wedding photographers in the World
by ISPWP and the WPJ – Wedding Photojournalist Association in 2021 & 2023 (66th place in 2023)

This is Reportage Top 100 wedding photographers badge 2022
2023 Fearless Top 100 Carol Tansley
Top 10 UK wedding photographer award badge for Carol Tansley Masters of Wedding Photography UK & IE 2022
Top 10 UK wedding photographer award badge for Paul Tansley Masters of Wedding Photography UK & IE 2022
2023 Top 10 Carol
2023 Top 10 Paul
Masters of Wedding Photography Top 10 award 2020

Our awards cabinet has expanded a little more this year. We are pleased to have been awarded for our images by:

2023 – Carol made the Top 100 in the World, Fearless Photographers
2023 – Carol placed 84th, Paul 188th

2023 – We both made the Top 100 in the World, ISPWP

Carol placed 36th in the World ISPWP
Paul placed 62nd in the World ISPWP

2023 – 7 Awards ISPWP
January 2023 – 3 Awards from the WPJ

March 2022 – Awards with ISPWP, This is Reportage, WPJ and NineDots
February 2022 – Ranked Top 20 UK and Top 100 in the World by the WPJA
February 2022 – 4 Awards – WPJA
December 2020 – 12th place in the world – ISPWP Fall Contest – Real Moments
November 2020 – Two Masters of Wedding Photography Awards
September 2020 – One WPJ Award
July 2020 – Awarded Top 10 place in the 2019/20 Masters of WP
July 2020 – 5 Masters of Wedding Photography Awards
June 2020 – This is Reportage Award
May 2020 – WPS Excellence Award
April 2020 – Four NineDots Awards
April 2019 – Three awards in Photographers Keeping it Real competition
March 2019 – Connie sulking 1st Place – ISPWP winter 2019 awards
February 2019 – 2nd Fearless Award, another WPJ Award, more NineDots Awards and a This is Reportage award
February 2016 – 1st Fearless Award – Three Monkeys

Award Winning Hampshire Wedding Photographers

Awards are great – but Awards aren’t wedding photography. To truly judge a wedding photographers work, look for consistency and style over a number of recent weddings. That’s the true mark of great photographers, being able to reproduce superb work at every wedding regardless of the location, the weather or any other factors. Also – take a look of some of the reviews our couples have left for us over the years.

Natural, unobtrusive, story-telling wedding photography