Cain Manor Wedding - couple leaving ceremony in main barn

Erika & Mike’s Cain Manor Wedding

Like many of our wedding couples, Erika & Mike wanted a very laid back relaxed style of photography on their wedding day. Neither of them wanted lots of portraits and posed shots. They much preferred the documentary approach, which we specialise in. Paul shot this wedding solo, covering bridal preps until just after the first dance, which is fairly normal for our weddings.

The wedding was at the lovely Cain Manor, which is 2 minutes drive from my front door, so we always love working there. It also always works well in photos. The ceremony pictures in particular are always lovely as they are lit by that huge glass window directly in front of the couple. You cannot beat natural daylight from a big window. So long as the sun’s not shining through it – which it never does during the ceremonies, as the window faces West. So you just get a wall of natural light landing on the brides face – which is about as good as I could ever ask for lighting wise. It also gives a great light on all the guests as they are facing the same window. Probably the hardest shot is walking back down the aisle – as the couple are backlit, with the window behind them. That can sometimes catch new photographers unaware, however, we’ve shot there so many times, we’re well used to it.

by Carol & Paul | Tansley Photography

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Wedding at Cain Manor, Hampshire

I hope you enjoy looking through a small sample of their wedding day images. As usual, there are no group shots in the blog – Paul shot some, as we do at every wedding. But they are for the couple, not for a blog post.

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The Venue: Cain Manor
Hair & Makeup: Hanna Wildman assisted by Claire Pinkney

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