Farnham Castle Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Farnham Castle

We are fortunate to have been Farnham Castle wedding photographers for the last ten years. It’s a fantastic Surrey wedding venue and the fact that its in our local town of Farnham makes it extra special to us. We live 9 miles south of Farnham and think of Farnham as our local town.

The new improvements made to Farnham Castle over the years we’ve shot there have been incredible. Each step forward has improved the venue even further. It just gets better and better shooting weddings there.

Getting ready in the Gate House, the Lantern Room for wedding ceremonies. Outside, the garden has amazing views over Farnham and the Surrey countryside in the distance. It’s location on a hill gives it a real feeling of grandeur. The Great Hall with its lovely panelled windows giving fabulous light. Plus that beautiful fireplace makes the perfect backdrop to the wedding speeches. Farnham Castle is always a great venue for wedding photographers, I don’t know any of our wedding photographer friends who don’t enjoy working there. 

Both Carol and I love shooting at this special local venue, so please get in touch to discuss your wedding plans with us. We would love to capture your day for you.

Carol & Paul

Wedding Photographers Farnham

Unobtrusive Wedding Photography

Our wedding photography follows an almost pure documentary style. During the day, you’ll barely notice us there, as we never ask anyone to pose or stop what they are doing. We simply observe moments and capture them silently without intrusion. Even if we shoot couple portraits, these are done in a very relaxed style. The only time we need anyone to smile at the camera is during a family or guests group photo, if you’d like us to shoot some on the day.

Because Farnham Castle is a large wedding venue, there’s plenty of room for us to move around during the day, without ever getting in anyone’s way. Which is just how we like it, nobody wants an intrusive wedding photographer.

Weddings at Farnham Castle

This is a tiny selection of our Farnham Castle wedding photography. We hope you get some inspiration from looking at other couples wedding days. If you have questions about the venue, do ask. We are always happy to share our experiences of working this beautiful wedding venue. And if you’d like to see some full weddings, we’re happy to share them with you, just get in touch via the contact form.

Farnham Castle Weddings by Carol & Paul

Farnham Castle Wedding Photography

Surrey Wedding Photographers Carol and Paul are available to shoot weddings all over Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex. If you are looking for a wedding photographer at Farnham Castle for your own wedding day, why not get in touch for a chat. Our relaxed style of wedding photography is great for couples that don’t like having their picture taken. 

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Farnham Castle Wedding Photos 

Venue Info: Farnham Castle, Castle Street, Farnham, Surrey GU9 0AG

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