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Elopements are becoming an ever more popular way of getting married, in the UK. More so this year, with the Covid-19 pandemic altering wedding plans so drastically. Many couples have decided to forgo a big celebration at the moment and plan a party for next year, when things calm down. It’s quite timely then to talk about Elopement weddings and more importantly, for us, what I can offer you as an Elopement Wedding Photographer.

I’ve been fortunate to have shot a few small weddings over the last 10 years. I really like them, I like being an elopement photographer. Mainly because I think these weddings are all about the couple. A private celebration of their relationship and wish to be together, as opposed to focusing on the event. Sure, I love big weddings too, but real emotions, real love between two people is what really drives my images. Those small moments, between couples is what I enjoy capturing, as they are real. Not posed. Not orchestrated in any way. Just pure love and emotion. In this respect elopement photography is no different from any other wedding day we photograph.

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Louise & Rob | Oakley Court Elopement

Louise and Rob booked me for a two hour shoot, to cover their special day. It was just the two of them, no family or guests. They are private people and didn’t want to be posing for anything, so loved our approach to wedding photography. We are there to capture natural moments, the last thing we ever want to do is ask anyone to smile at the camera. In fact, the complete opposite. For this shoot, I captured the wedding ceremony, cutting the cake, having some champagne, then eating their cake. Some quick portraits and that was it. A beautiful intimate story to remember their wedding day by.

One of the final things I always say to couples, pre-wedding, is please try and not look at the camera, unless we’re shooting a group photo or a particular couple portrait, then there should be no need for you to look at us. Look at each other, your interaction is the important thing. We’ll worry about how things look through the lens. That’s what you’re paying us for and we’re rather good at photographing weddings.

These twelve wedding images from their day were recently awarded an Elopement Award from the Wedding Photojournalist Association. An award to appreciate great elopement photography.

Wedding Portraits for couples that don’t want to pose

A lot of couples aren’t really into posing for portraits. However, we do think it’s always worth trying a few. Couple portraits should be relaxed. It’s not about expecting either of you to be models. It’s about making you both comfortable in a situation, then unobtrusively capturing those moments. For example with Louise & Rob, I just suggested that we walked down by the river. We did a few frames where they looked directly into the camera, then went back to the hotel for some variations. They decided to get married at Oakley Court, as it is where the Hammer Horror movies were filmed. I knew therefore, that they’d love a portrait with the griffins in the doorway of the hotel! All I asked them to do was hug, be together and do whatever felt natural to them.

Elopement Wedding Venues

Oakley Court, Windsor – perfect for smaller weddings.
Winchester Registry Office – one of the prettiest registry offices in the UK.
Silchester Farm, Hampshire
The Roman Baths, Bath – beautiful architecture and very unique
Maunsel House, Taunton
Court House Farm, Bristol
Chaffeymoor Grange, Dorset
Haynes House, Kent
Winters Barns, Kent
Sudeley Castle, Cotswolds
Matara, Cotswolds
Strawberry Hill, London
Trafalgar Arms, London

Or for something really adventurous, how about Tuscany? One of our favourite places in the world. Talk to us about your elopement photography plans. We are very open to shooting anywhere in the world.

Certaldo, Tuscany – talk to us about this amazing old hill town. There is nothing prettier for a small wedding. It’s where we got married. The town hall is a Medici Palace and next door is one of the prettiest B&B’s in the world. Truly a special place. We’d love to shoot a wedding there, we’d love to be your elopement wedding photographer.

other options,
Il Rigo, Tuscany

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Elopement Wedding Photographer

We are always available for last minute bookings. So if you’re getting married and considering booking a wedding photographer, for your own elopement, do get in touch, We are happy to chat with you about what we can offer. Elopement photography from two hour bookings, upwards.

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  1. Great Article Paul. We are definitely wedding hipsters; we eloped before it was cool (before a pandemic made it a legitimate option) Thank you so much for your gorgeous photos and Iovely words about our special day. We didn’t get to visit Oakley this year for obvious reasons but we are lucky to have the memories from that day caught so wonderfully in your photos.