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New College Chapel Oxford | Rachelle & Max

Rachelle & Max’s wedding at New College Chapel in Oxford, what an amazing beautiful building to be married in. New College Chapel in Oxford just blew my mind when I arrived there to capture Rachelle & Max’s wedding last year. I grew up in the small town of Abingdon, just south of Oxford, so spent many years walking in and around Oxford. However, much of the beauty of Oxford is actually locked away behind the closed doors of the Colleges. I had no idea this chapel even existed until this wedding. Such an incredible backdrop.

The priest conducting the ceremony wasn’t a fan of photographers, so banished me to the back of the room for much of the actual ceremony part, but as I use the 100% silent Sony A9 camera nowadays for my wedding photography, I was still able to capture enough of the beauty of the moment by using the balcony and shooting unobtrusively from the back of the chapel. I even managed to capture Rachelle walking in – which at first the priest wasn’t going to allow. I shot from the side then darted quickly through a side door so I didn’t get the evil eye from him.

Rachelle got ready at Max’s parents home in North Oxford, with her mum, sister and bridesmaids. The ceremony and drinks reception was at the New College Chapel and then they moved to Summer Fields School for more drinks and their evening reception. One particularly memorable part of the day was when Max sung to his new wife just before the meal. Amazing voice.


New College Chapel | Oxford Wedding Photography

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    1. Thx Teri. That chapel is quite something, especially that amazing end wall. Really wanted to capture its majesty, which isn’t easy considering how big it is compared to the size of the couple.

    1. Yeah that chapel really needed the 16mm to be able to capture the grandeur of that wall of statues. When you stepped too far back from it, it lost its power I found. I tried a few things, but was pleased with the results. For photographing dogs, a Sony A9 shooting at 10fps helps ;) Plus in March, when Sony release the new firmware for the A9, it’s going to have animal eye focus – will be even easier :)

  1. We could not have been more thrilled with our photographs! Thank you so much for capturing our day. 

    1. Thank you Rachelle. So happy that you were both pleased with the pictures I was able to capture at your wedding day. It means so much to me, it really does. I hope you’re both enjoying married life, it’s my turn soon, getting married to Carol in June this year :)