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Love, Love, Love this Froyle Park wedding. When I met Kayleigh & Toby a few weeks before the wedding, I was happy to see that they were a very relaxed couple, that seemed to understand that they’d get the best images from me if they simply enjoyed their wedding day and allowed their emotions to show through. Documentary wedding photography isn’t about posed pictures. It’s about natural images, where the couple and their guests forget that I’m even taking photos. Sure, there’s a few posed group shots and some couple portraits, but that’s about thirty minutes of a wedding day. The other eight hours or more are all shot candidly – zero posing or asking anyone to “smile for the camera”!

I’m always happy when I get booked to shoot at Froyle Park. It’s very local to us, just a quick twenty minute drive through the beautiful Hampshire countryside, that we are fortunate to live in. Plus the venue just works. The ceremony room has never failed to give me amazing images at every wedding I’ve shot there. Although even I must admit, the main image above is a superb example of that, as is the colour version of Kayleigh walking down the aisle to meet Toby. Who, by the way was so emotional that he was crying his eyes out all through the ceremony – which I just loved watching and capturing. Guys should be in touch with their emotions, I know I am myself and hope that I will be crying at my own wedding in June this year when Carol walks down the aisle.

Another highlight of the day for me, has to be the speeches. Toby stood up and hung a toilet roll around his neck, then proceeded to put on swimming goggles. All to enable him to cry freely as he read his speech. Which was also brilliantly written and delivered. I was laughing and crying all the way through – which is hard when you’re also trying to photograph all the action around you. Loved it. Weddings should always  be about individuality. The more you make your wedding about you, the couple, the better the photographer can show your emotions in the images. A huge thank you to Kayleigh & Toby for allowing me to capture your day for you. It was an absolute pleasure to capture, process and  deliver these images.

Wedding Photography at Froyle Park, Hampshire by Paul Tansley

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    1. Yes, that first shot is pretty special. It’s the type of shot you always try and achieve as a wedding photographer, but the conditions aren’t ideal, as the staircase is actually really dark. But luckily, with modern cameras and quite a bit of post-processing I was able to bring out the bride and capture the whole scene how I wanted it to look.

  1. Wow, that first photo on the staircase is a killer! This entire set is fantastic, and I admire your skillful use of a wide-angle lens; it truly immerses you in the scene! Great work!