Farnham Castle Wedding Portrait in the gardens

Farnham Castle Book Themed Wedding

Claire & Chris’s Farnham Castle Wedding

Great wedding photography isn’t about some random snaps of your wedding day, taken by some newbie wedding photographer. A good photographer should be able to capture great images, whatever the weather, venue or any other factors and those images should not only be of a great quality, but they should make you feel emotion and tell the story of that couples day. So it’s quite interesting for me to re-visit weddings that were shot over a year ago and see how I feel about the images. When I was creating this blog post – viewing these images takes me right back to each moment as if it was yesterday. That’s brilliant. As that’s exactly what they should do. 

Claire & Chris’s beautiful wedding day at Farnham Castle. With an unusual and interesting book theme. 

Claire was a bridesmaid for one of our previous wedding couples, so she’d already seen not only my work, but also how I work on the wedding day. That made a very easy choice for who she’d like to photography her own wedding. Carol wasn’t available to shoot her friends wedding, as she’d unfortunately broken her ankle, but luckily, that’s all healed now and Carol shot Claire’s wedding day with me. 

Paul & Carol

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