Farnham Castle Wedding Photography - Bride in the Archway at Farnham Castle

Farnham Castle Wedding | Alisa & Robert

Please note, this wedding was shot way back in 2012. Do look at the other weddings on our site to get a better idea of our up to date processing style.

We were really happy that Alisa & Robert chose us as their Wedding Photographers for their wedding at Farnham Castle, Surrey this April. Living so close to Farnham we always pass it on the drive up the hill, but had never visited it before. What a lovely place. We didn’t even really get to explore all the shooting possibilities there, such as the two interesting chapels. It was raining heavily during their special day, which prevented us shooting anything outside which is always a shame however we did make use of the fantastic entrance way with the great arch. I love the Black & White shot of Alisa standing there. Such a great moment, not posed, just seen and captured then processed into a stunning image.
Dress by Justin Alexander. Church is St Peter’s Paris Church in Wrecclesham, Farnham

This is a small selection of images of wedding photographs from Alisa & Robert’s wedding at Farnham Castle.


Bridal Makeup - Wedding at Farnham CastleBridal Makeup - Wedding at Farnham CastleFarnham Castle Wedding 004 7115Farnham Castle Wedding 005 8858Farnham Castle Wedding 006 8883Farnham Castle Wedding 008 6Farnham Castle Wedding 009 7Farnham Castle Wedding 010 8Farnham Castle Wedding 011 9Farnham Castle Wedding 012 9035Farnham Castle Wedding 013 9069Farnham Castle Wedding 014 9158Farnham Castle Wedding 015 9205Farnham Castle Wedding 016 9Farnham Castle Wedding 017 7376Farnham Castle Wedding Photography - Bride in the Archway at Farnham CastleThe Great Hall at Farnham Castle Wedding Purple Uplighters, Purple ThemeFarnham Castle Wedding 024 7419Farnham Castle Wedding 023 7415Farnham Castle Wedding 028 9603Farnham Castle Wedding 029 9611Farnham Castle Wedding 021 9360Farnham Castle Wedding 022 7400Farnham Castle Wedding 030 7494Farnham Castle Wedding 031 9674Farnham Castle Wedding 032 9749Farnham Castle Wedding 033 9752Farnham Castle Wedding 034 9824Farnham Castle Wedding 035 7623Farnham Castle Wedding 036 10Farnham Castle Wedding 037 0029Farnham Castle Wedding 038 0058Farnham Castle Wedding 040 12

Farnham Castle Wedding

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Make-Up & Hair by the lovely Lucie Blundell Jones.

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