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Rachel & Christian | Fitzleroi Barn

This is a very old wedding we shot way back in 2012. For a better idea of the style of our photography, please take a look at some more recent weddings on our blog.

In April we had the great pleasure of being wedding photographers at Rachel & Christian’s wedding at Fitzleroi Barn in West Sussex. Rachel got ready at the Roundabout Hotel in West Chillington, West Sussex. A lovely little hotel with really nice rooms to shoot in. The ceremony was held at St Mary’s Church in Pulborough, Sussex. The vicar was not keen on wedding photographers, so asked us not to shoot during the ceremony. This is always something you should check with your vicar before the wedding. Luckily, the layout of the church allowed us to move around quite well and capture stunning shots of Rachel walking up the aisle to meet Christian.

Once the ceremony was over the wedding party travelled to the delightful Fitzleroi Barn in Fittleworth, West Sussex. It was a gloriously sunny day, even though there was still a chill wind. So we took the opportunity to shoot some couple portraits at the edge of the field behind the barn. As we always try and explain to couples great images are not about the background. They are about light and emotion. The background is just a field, but the images are simply stunning. I’m not saying it doesn’t help sometimes to have a nice palace in the scene, but the most important thing in any image as a photographer is seeing the light, how it touches the people’s faces and how it affects the scene. Capturing that is what turns an ordinary scene into an extraordinary one in an image.

Fitzleroi Barn Wedding Photography

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Wedding Venue: Fitzleroi Barn, Fittleworth, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 1JN

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