Tournerbury Woods Wedding Photographers

Tournerbury Woods Wedding Photography

Looking back at last year’s weddings, this has to be one of our most memorable. Such a lovely couple, with so much love and joy on their wedding day and all set in an amazing location. It was our first time shooting a wedding at Tournerbury Woods Estate, on Hayling Island and it started perfectly. A glorious summer’s day, blue skies with a few fluffy white clouds to give some great scenic shots like the couple portrait above.

Another first for us was being given a lovely present, a bottle of Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin before we’d even started shooting! That’s always going to put your photographer in a very good mood! It sure wasn’t expected in the least, but most definitely appreciated and just showed us what a wonderful couple these guys are. So thoughtful towards others.

This was also our first experience of truly ‘Tying the Knot’ or as it’s properly known, handfasting – the act of tying a ribbon around the couples hands and then tying it in a knot. Joining the couple together this way is an ancient tradition and a beautiful one to watch and photograph. It’s a ceremony that has its roots in Neopaganism, and fitted perfectly into Jane and Seb’s low-key but memorable celebration.

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Morning preps started in the Tournerbury Woods Cottage, set close to the water’s edge among the trees. It felt like being on holiday for the day. Pam Wrigley, one of our favourite makeup artists, was taking care of the preparations, so it was a lovely relaxed morning and a great way to get into the wedding day. Good make-up is always going to make any bride look and feel even more stunning and is well worth booking in my honest opinion.

The ceremony took place outdoors under the trees, with the couple and guests looking over the open water of Chichester Harbour. The guests stood for the ceremony, it was very relaxed and informal and we really liked that. Weddings should always be relaxed. It’s a happy day, not a day to get stressed about things. It really suited how Carol and I work, we’re pretty chilled-out people ourselves and never get stressed at weddings. Our job is always to stay relaxed and capture what we see and try and make the people around us feel relaxed too. 

After the ceremony and some obligatory family group shots, we took the couple of for a quick 15 minute shoot alone and captured some beautiful portraits of them. I never pose couples, I simply ask them to be with each other and enjoy the moment. I’ll worry about the light, the scene, and how I turn what I see into a stunning image.

After the drinks and the meal, entertainment was provided by some of Seb’s friends – Noah’s House Band. They were brilliant. So entertaining. Their lyrics had me in stitches, so clever. The kids loved it too and joined in. A very special day that I’m sure everyone thoroughly enjoyed, including us. We think the photographs reflect this perfectly.

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Jane & Seb’s Tournerbury Wedding

Tournerbury Wedding Photographers

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This is a two photographer wedding. Shot by Carol and Paul. Certain moments of the ceremony would have been impossible to capture without two photographers covering the bride and groom.

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Hair & Makeup by the very talented Pam Wrigley

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