Froyle Park Winter Wedding

A Winter Wedding at Froyle Park

We were very lucky to have Natalie & Chris choose us to shoot their beautiful Froyle Park winter wedding way back in January 2015 before we’d even shot a wedding there. That soon changed over the summer and Froyle Park has become one of our most booked venues. By the time their December wedding came around just before Christmas we’d already shot there a few times.

As I always explain to couples, having shot at a venue before is never a requirement for great images. Our style of images is reportage based, we shoot what we see and capture natural candid moments. These happen where people happen to be standing – so knowing that there is a really good image over there on the stairs is irrelevant – we’re not there to move people around and interfere with the day. We work with the situation, light, location that we have in front of us – that’s where the skill really comes in – making every wedding look good regardless of where it is. However, if we have shot at a venue before, then it’s never a bad thing. So it was nice to be returning for another shoot at Froyle Park, especially interesting to see how it would look for a winter wedding.

This was the fist time we’ve shot in the lovely little church next to Froyle Park. It’s a beautiful little church with one of the friendliest vicars we’ve ever met. A big thank you to Yann the vicar at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for being so easy to work alongside. He gave the couple a relaxed, beautiful wedding ceremony, while allowing me to work my magic and capture some amazing emotional moments for Natalie & Chris. My task as a wedding photographer is go unnoticed and document the wedding, Yann allowed me to do just that. Some vicars can make life hard for wedding photographers, normally because they’ve had bad experiences in the past. So it’s always worth checking with your vicar before the wedding day – what they will allow and what they won’t. It’s their house, their rules.

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