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Award Winning Wedding Photographer

“While emotional outpourings are no joking matter, it’s hard not to see a visual reference to the Japanese story of the three wise monkeys who embody the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” principle. Like those mythical creatures, these gentlemen clearly have their hearts in the right places—and the photographer documented their reactions beautifully.”

Award winning wedding photographer – wow!

When I started shooting weddings, almost six years ago now, I really wanted to be able to use those words – Award Winning Wedding Photographer – as they always sound so good. There are so many Award Winning photographers out there, sadly many of them seem to simply make up awards and shout about them – I’ve never been able to do that, I’m far too honest to even imagine doing such a thing. I wasn’t going to shout about an award that I didn’t actually have or one that wasn’t worth having.

But today that all changes. I have won a Fearless Photographers Award. Fearless Photographers are a group of top end wedding photographers from around the world. I joined them at the end of March 2015, as I believe in their ethos of not simply giving awards to anyone but having a great judging panel that tries to push wedding photography forward. I have a great amount of respect for many of its members and am happy that I can call quite a few of them friends. I also got to meet some of the guys at the top of the Fearless Photographers awards tree when I attended the NineDots wedding photography gathering last year – Erika & Lanny Mann, Erin & Ben Chrisman – those guys really left a lasting effect on me. Not as hero worship (hate that stuff), but because I got to chat with them and get a feel for what they were like as people not just top end wedding photographers and I really liked what I found.

Over the last year my wedding photography has gone from strength to strength and now, I am as proud as anything to be a Fearless Award Winning Photographer.

Will have to try and get another one now…

Award Winning Wedding Photographer

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