Old Thorns Wedding Speeches in the Hampshire Suite

Carol and I always like shooting weddings at Old Thorns, especially in the Hampshire Suite there. It just works so well for our style of images. Because there is lots of natural light bouncing around due to the large windows, enabling us to capture real moments, with zero intrusion. No flashes going off, no loud shutter clicks. We want to capture real life, as it happens. All of those natural smiles etc. The image of Emma above, holding her wedding ring, with a look of pure love on her face, as her new husband Steve reads his speech and her father puts his comforting hand on her shoulder is a perfect example of that. Our wedding photography is all about capturing your wedding, your family and guests. Here’s a very small selection of images from their wedding day. Please get in touch if you’d like to look through some full day weddings, which contain far more images than shown here. Our average wedding in 2019 with both of us shooting was between 500-800 images. This blog post only shows 62. It’s just to show an example of our style of photography. This is reportage. 

Carol & Paul | Tansley Photography

Old Thorns Wedding Photographers

Venue: Old Thorns Manor Hotel, Hampshire
Hair & Makeup: Hanna Wildman

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