Some of Our Favourite Wedding Photography from 2021

2021, like the rest of the UK, saw us tip-toeing out of the pandemic, with very little in the way of weddings before June, we shot the majority of our work in the last six months of the year! Thankfully we were able to move 99% of our couples’ weddings during those troubled times, with lots of emails and tying up of dates, and we are grateful to our lovely couples for working with us, we didn’t want to lose any of you!

This is our whistle-stop, lightening blast though some of our favourite images from last year. Looking back, it’s easy to see that these weddings were about JOY! Embracing the day, letting go, and getting on with it (at last!!). We think our 2021 best of slideshow sums it all up perfectly.

Wedding Photography Awards in 2021

At the end of 2021, Paul finished joint 81st in the WPJ world leader board and was awarded as being in the Top 100 documentary wedding photographers in the world, by the Wedding Photojournalist Association. Truly a fantastic achievement after so many years shooting weddings. We just shot our 352nd wedding. It’s been an incredible journey and still continues to be. We LOVE capturing that one special day of our couples lives, photographing unique and real moments, that authentically tell the story of their wedding day.

wpja wedding photographer top 100 2021

There were also plenty of other awards for both of us throughout the year. We love our images being appreciated by our fellow wedding photographers in these competitions. Here are two of our favourites. More on our Awards page.

Best of 2021 Wedding Photography - The Evolution of Man, Groom doing up his tie before wedding, with classic Darwin theory of evolution monkey and prehistoric men in the background
Best of 2021 Wedding Photography - Very wrinkled old lady wedding guest knocking back the boozy wedding favour bottles pulling a face of yuk!, with other guests laughing all around.

Best of 2021 Wedding Photos

This is only a small part of the selection of images in the slideshow. We simply had too many images to choose from and can’t upload them all. But I know myself, that some people prefer to scroll through the images instead of watching a slideshow, so you can see more detail etc. So below are some of our Best of 2021 pics.

Onwards to 2022

2022 is going to be another amazing year. We’re 8 weddings in and already having a blast!

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