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Penton Park Wedding

Sit back and enjoy Cristina & Pat’s stunning wedding by Penton Park Wedding photographer Paul Tansley.

Whenever I meet couples before their wedding day, the one piece of advice I always give them on how to improve their wedding pictures is to be in the moment. Far too many couples spend their wedding day stressing over every aspect of their day, instead of simply smiling and laughing. However good my photography is and it’s pretty darn good if I say so myself,  I cannot put smiles on people’s faces. So when a couple looks blissfully happy together on their wedding day, it just makes my life so much easier, then I can concentrate on making interesting pictures without worrying about trying to get pictures where they are smiling – as they are smiling all day long. Cristina & Pat’s wedding was one of the most fun weddings I’ve shot this year. So much fun for me to capture.

Plus, what a great venue, Penton Park is. This was my first time there and I loved it. The owners are professional but very laid back – much like myself. I like people who are calm and relaxed and just let people have fun. It fitted the couples needs perfectly and I can’t wait to shoot there again. Thank you Danielle for looking after me on the day and thank you for the beer – it was superb, they make it on site.


“Paul’s work is simply outstanding. He takes such beautiful, emotive photos that capture the atmosphere of the day”
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Either play the slideshow above or if you’re not a fan of slideshows or want to see the images in more details, then scroll through the pictures below.  If you’d like to see more of this wedding
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Brides Testimonial

“We found Paul online and were struck by the simplicity of his photos; very natural, emotive and striking. We loved that you could get a feel of the atmosphere and personalities in his photos in a way that wasn’t apparent in other photographers’ work. We arranged a Skype call and we were confident of his expertise and experience – and his pricing was excellent, so we booked him! From first enquiry to booking (and indeed throughout the entire process), Paul was super responsive to our questions… which can only be a good thing!

Paul’s work is simply outstanding. He takes such beautiful, emotive photos that capture the atmosphere of the day. His style is super natural and we found photos of things we never even realised happened on the day – cheeky sideways glances, nervousness, laughter, tears… It was a joy to look through our galleries and we particularly enjoyed the video he created as a teaser of the full set. Paul met us at the venue for a pre-wedding meeting a couple of months before, which was super informative and put us completely at ease. He blended in perfectly on the day, but he also guided us at certain points. He was brilliant.

We would recommend Paul all day long!!!!”


I am available to shoot weddings all over Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and surrounding counties. Are you looking for a Penton Park wedding photographer for your own wedding? If you like the look of my wedding photography, then why not book me to shoot your wedding in the same unobtrusive, natural, documentary style.

Penton Park is sadly no longer hosting weddings

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    1. Thx Miki. It’s all shot on Canon 5D4’s using mostly Canon 24-70 mk2, 16-35 mk3 (superb lens), 85 1.8 and maybe a couple on the 70-200 2.8

      But to be honest, photography is far more than just the gear. It’s about being observant and watching for the moment, plus knowing how to capture that moment. I won’t deny though that the mk4 bodies are superb in low light and grabbing focus. A big improvement over the mk3 version. Everything is daylight apart from the cake and dance shots, which are lit with a small LED panel.