Wotton House Wedding Photography

Wotton House Wedding Photographer

Kirsten and Bret booked us way back in April the previous for their Wotton House wedding photography the following May.

Wotton House always had some nice features for a wedding, I especially love the Tortoise House, where I’ve shot beautiful couple portraits before. However, as with all venues, a makeover is never normally a bad thing. So, now that they’ve finished a £6 million refurbishment, it’s even better. It was a real pleasure to shoot Kirsten & Bret’s wedding there last year.

One of the things I love about this wedding and looking back at these images is the emotion in Kirsten’s face. Totally genuine smiles and tears. One of the things I try and encourage my couples to do on their wedding day is to simply let go. Let go of all the stress and planning and just be in the moment. Enjoy your wedding day, it only happens once (hopefully). So don’t worry about how you look in pictures, I’ll worry about that. The more you can relax and just be in the moment, the more natural the images will look. Then when you look back at your wedding pictures in years to come – all you will see is your pure emotion and happiness on that day.


Wotton House Wedding Photographer

Surrey Wedding Photographer  Paul & Carol are available to shoot weddings all over Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and surrounding counties. If you are getting married at Wotton House why not contact us and see if we are available to shoot your wedding day.

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Hair & Makeup by Carrie Jessup CLJ Makeup

This is a wedding shot by two photographers. Carol and Paul. This enabled Carol to shoot the groom prep while I was at the Bride’s house shooting the bridal preps. Being in two places at once is one of the main benefits of having two photographers at a wedding. However,  it’s not the only benefit. Contact us if you’d like more information on the benefits.

One Photographer or Two?

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