Squerryes Court Wedding

Sophie & Dan’s beautiful wedding at Squerryes, Kent. This is one of our favourite weddings from 2013. I cannot believe it’s taken me so long to blog it. We’ve shown it to so many couples that have come to meet us and everyone always loves it, so I think I forgot I’d not actually blogged about it. About time I did.

The wedding day started at Sophie’s parental home. It was a big day for her as not only was it her wedding day, but immediately after the wedding she would be leaving to fly to Cyprus to begin her new life with her new husband. Understandably it was an emotional morning. Many of Dan’s friends were in military dress at the church which made for some great pictures. It was funny watching Dan with his dad, who was an Army Chaplain and conducted half of the wedding ceremony, giving him some last minute advice. We love this great image by Carol of Sophie in her veil outside the church and then another stunning shot of Dan waiting as Sophie stands in the church doorway with her dad. I also love the image of Sophie laughing as she meets Dan and the expression on her father’s face, it always makes me think he’s saying “you had better take care of my daughter young man!”

When the couple exited the church, Dan’s military friends made a Guard of Honour with a Sword Arch. It looked brilliant for the pictures. As always, we don’t set any of these things up, but simply watch what’s happening and capture the moments as they happen. Arriving at Squerryes, we shot a quick portrait of the couple outside the main house, which is private and not used for the wedding breakfast itself. Instead, we made our way around to the gardens where there was a lovely marquee set up for the wedding breakfast. The style of the tables was really lovely, simple and actually done without spending too much money, just clever styling. The couple had collected lots of antique vases, glass jars and cake stands and used a natural selection of summer flowers. Every table was slightly different but it all tied in beautifully. The wedding favours were homemade jam, with beautiful finishing touches. Carol and I love this type of personal touch.

For Sophie & Dan’s couple portraits, we simply hopped into the lush meadow behind the marquee. We both really like shooting through long grass or flowers, it always seems to add a touch of romance to any portrait. It did of course help that the weather was beautiful that day and the field was nice and dry. In fact the whole day was the most perfect summer wedding.

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