Wedding couple walking through sparklers at their Great Fosters wedding

Great Fosters & Windsor Guildhall Wedding | Ellie & James

Windsor Guildhall wedding photography by Carol & Paul

We met Ellie & James in February and immediately clicked with them. We love couples that just relax when they meet us. When people feel comfortable with us, it means that when we shoot their wedding, they will completely forget we are there, taking photos, and just act like we’re another couple of their friends. This makes our job, of taking natural images, so much easier.

Ellie and her bridesmaids all got ready at Great Fosters Hotel and were then driven to the venue in a beautiful white Bentley. I travelled with them, which enabled me to capture some last minute moments of Ellie and her father together. Carol went direct to the ceremony, which took place at the Windsor Guildhall. It’s great to be able to capture two parts of the day like this, which is one of the benefits of having both of us shooting on the day.

This was our first time shooting a Windsor Guildhall wedding. What an amazing building, with a beautiful ceremony room, that looks fabulous in pictures. We look forward to shooting there again.

Great Fosters & Windsor Guildhall Wedding by Carol & Paul

Flower Girl hiding her face in the sofa, BW image by Paul Tansley at Tansley Photography - Great Fosters Wedding

As wedding photographers Carol and I always strive to capture the most interesting and creative images from the wedding day. While also telling a couples’ story. It’s their day first and foremost and our photography shouldn’t ignore that fact. That’s one reason we shoot 95% of the day with no posing at all. Just natural, candid photography. We only ever pose formal group photos or couple portraits. Everything else is shot as it happens, candidly.

However, if a situation allows us to take an amazing image that then wins us two of the most prestigious wedding photography awards in the world – then we’re not going to complain. This picture of Connie, Ellie and James’ daughter, was one such image. When I met Ellie & James at Great Fosters a few weeks before the wedding, for final checks, they explained to me that Connie hated her bridesmaid dress! She’s a jeans and sneakers girl and really didn’t want to wear a pretty dress! We love children at weddings, as you never know what they might do. They are full of surprises. So when I saw Connie bury her head in the sofa, as Ellie was having final touches done to her makeup, I couldn’t resist capturing this image. It really screams “I don’t want to be here!”. I’m sure Ellie & James will be laughing about this picture for many years to come. It’s a beautiful moment, captured perfectly and a great storytelling image.

Paul & Carol

Here is the story of their day

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Great Fosters wedding reception

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