Dancing to Jocelyn Brown live at Wentworth Wedding party

Wentworth Club Wedding Photography

Please Note: This is an old wedding from 2013. It looks like Wentworth Golf Club no longer hosts weddings 2020. It’s a shame as it was a nice venue. Why not check out some more recent weddings on our blog page.

The Wentworth Club in Surrey, the wedding of Kelly & Ben. Kelly, the fun, party girl, booked Jocelyn Brown to sing live for her evening party – I’ve got to admit she was amazing, what a voice Jocelyn has. Ben, the golf instructor who played the course literally an hour before the ceremony, wasn’t really interested in having his picture taken and just wanted to have a really great day. Our documentary style wedding photography is perfect for guys like Ben. We don’t force anyone to pose for pictures during the day, even for couple portraits, we will only do what the couple ask us to do so that they can get back to their guests and their party – which is far more important – and lets us get on with our task of documenting their wedding day in beautiful images. Working in an unobtrusive way, simply observing and capturing what’s going on, is what we specialise in.

There are some really good party shots in this set of images, showing lots of happy faces, they really sum up the mood of the day. There are also some really great reactions captured during the magicians act. Max Curd was one of the best magician acts I’ve ever seen at a wedding, his sleight of hand was really impressive and kept the guests guessing how on earth he did it all. Even watching the images back myself, I still can’t figure out how he did those tricks!

This is a condensed set of images from Kelly & Ben’s wedding.  If you’d like to see some more of our weddings, then please do get in touch – Contact Us


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Wentworth Club Wedding Photography

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