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Tom & Darrel’s wedding, London & Surrey

Tom and Darrell’s wedding in London has to be one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to. Tom just beamed from start to finish – apart from the occasional shedding of a tear of course. They originally enquired about their wedding photography in October, a year before the big day, which meant I knew how important good wedding pictures were to them. An unusual wedding enquiry, as it was to happen over a two day period. Firstly a close family and friends wedding ceremony on the Friday at the Montcalm Hotel at the Brewery in the City of London. This was followed by a second day which was an evening birthday party for Tom held at the Meade Hall at the Crown & Cushion pub in Minley, Surrey. Here the couple would spring a surprise announcement on the guests that they were now married. The guests were invited to watch a slideshow of birthday pictures of Tom, but during this, Tom’s sister had inserted a small handful of the wedding pictures from the day before (I’d quickly processed a quick selection for her). As the majority of the guests at the party knew nothing about the wedding, everyone was very surprised, but you could tell they were all over the moon for them both.. Tom and Darrell were such lovely genuinely happy couple and great fun to be around it really was a total pleasure to be at their wedding and capture such great memories for them both.

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The morning started with me going over to meet Tom at the St. Martins Lane Hotel, where he and his bridesmaid Cheryl, were getting ready. After capturing some great images, I then drove over to the ceremony venue,  the Montcalm Hotel, where Darrell and his best man Dan were getting ready. The ceremony was a small affair, with just very close family and friends, held in one of the private rooms at the hotel. I love the intimacy of small weddings and was really pleased to capture the pure emotion of their faces all the way through the ceremony. Poor Dan, the best man, looked more nervous than anyone else – the couple were fine, they just looked in love and blissfully happy together.

After the drinks reception, we jumped into a taxi and went for a drive around some of London’s sights. Tom had asked me to do some portraits of them both and some images of them with their best friends Cheryl & Dan at various well known landmarks. Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Old Compton Street and of course Buckingham Palace.  As soon as we got in the taxi, I knew this was going to be a ball. It was hilarious. I don’t think I’ve had so much fun since being on fashion trips in my younger day.  The four of them in the back of the van were just buzzing with fun. I really love the grab shots I made of them, looking back at the four of them doing selfies on their phones. Brilliant.

Once we had returned to the hotel, I left them all to enjoy their evening meal and I went home to prepare for day 2.

Day 2

Day two I returned to cover Tom’s birthday party held in the Meade Hall at the Crown & Cushion pub in Minley, Surrey.  This was to also be a surprise announcement to all of their friends, that they were now married. To give the party a wedding touch, they also cut a cake and gave some speeches, then partied the night away.

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