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This is a question that every bride should ask, but no bride should lose sleep over. The most important factor to consider regarding your wedding photography is quality not quantity. Anyone with a camera can take lots of images. My iPhone will take as many images on your day as you’d like. Are you simply after numbers or would you like your wedding images to actually be pictures of something interesting that are also well composed and processed? Images that capture true emotional moments and bring back memories to you in years to come?

Carol and I will often shoot over 10,000 images during a 10-12 hour wedding day. At some recent weddings we’ve shot over 12,000 frames. Does this mean we gave our couples all of those images?  We take a lot of images, because we understand human faces. I’ve spent my life photographing them.

During my long career as a fashion photographer, I’d often shoot 50-100 photos of a model standing still, that was in the days of film, where every frame shot cost money. The reason our wedding photography looks so good is that we really care about our work. We want great images, not just average snaps that anyone with a camera could take. The reason you are hiring an talented professional wedding photographer is to produce amazing photos of your wedding day. If you simply want rubbish photos and lots of them – book someone cheap. With today’s digital cameras, it’s easy to produce a large number of photos. Not so easy to make those photos something a bit more special.

Here are some other peoples thoughts on how many wedding photos should you expect.

Father hugs his daughter, the bride at Great Fosters Wedding

Paul Tansley, Hampshire wedding photographer is available to shoot weddings all over Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and surrounding counties. Most of my weddings are shot alongside my extremely talented partner Carol. However I am also available for solo commissions if requested.

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