Frensham Hall Wedding Photographers. Portrait photo of couple  among the daisies, shot at Frensham Heights School.

Frensham Hall Wedding Photographers

Frensham Hall was previously known as Frensham Heights.

Our day started with the bride and bridesmaids getting ready in one of the beautiful reception rooms downstairs at the venue. As soon as the guests started arriving, the bridal party moved upstairs to a private room. Joe and his ushers all donned Converse All Stars in favour of a traditional wedding shoe – which worked well with their suits and certainly gave a laid back feel to the wedding. While Carol stayed with Rachel and caught the bridal party putting on the finishing touches, I managed to step out of the room to capture Joe having his buttonhole fixed, while drinking a beer (it was a very chilled out wedding) and grabbed a fantastic image of the page boy sneaking into the ladies toilets! I also really like Carol’s pictures of the Bride’s mum’s gasping as she see’s Rachel in the wedding dress for the first time and also the busy shot of the bridesmaids spraying Rachel’s hair. Great composition on both of those images. Onto the ceremony.

I’m so pleased to have captured the image of Rachel laughing as she walked down the aisle to her waiting groom, I know it will be funny to look back for her at that moment. Taking real candid images and memories is what documentary wedding photography is all about. Not posed static photos. I’m sure Rachel & Joe will look back at that picture in years to come and still laugh about it. The light in the ceremony room was fantastic. The huge windows poured tons of beautiful daylight onto the couples faces and the faces of the guests and gave me ample light to capture a great exchange of rings shot too, which can be a tricky shot to capture in dim light.

After the ceremony, drinks were held on the lawn, with fabulous views. We took Rachel and Joe off for a few minutes for some portraits in a patch of wild daises, I’d spotted earlier in the day,  just over a low wall. We got some beautiful relaxed portraits of the couple including the dramatic first shot shown above. Even the sun came out right on cue!

Everyone really had a fun time at Joe and Rachel’s wedding, we hope it was just the kind of relaxed day that the couple had hoped for. After the wedding breakfast, there was plenty of time for guests to chill out. We loved the imagination of a group of the guests who grabbed a log from the log pile and found a couple of cones and a ball – and started a cricket match. It certainly gave us opportunity for some interesting shots of the batting and fielding!

Later, everyone went back inside to see the couple cut their cake – always a great opportunity for us to turn the camera on the guests. I’m really proud of the pure documentary wedding photography image I took of the guests . It reminds me of a Renaissance painting with so many small scenes in one image. We always think couples will enjoy seeing this kind of image, hopefully it will bring back something of the mood of the day. Plus it captures so many guests looking at ease and enjoying the celebrations. In our opinion this is much nicer than boring group shots!. The wedding ended with a live band and a great first dance. I think these guys really enjoyed their wedding day – I hope the images show that well and bring back great memories every time they look at them.


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Frensham Hall Wedding Photography by Carol & Paul

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Venue: Frensham Heights

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  1. Wonderful reportage work – practically at least one smile in every photo, and sometimes dozens! That’s what wedding photography SHOULD be all about!

  2. Great set of pictures Paul. I love the tones in your black and white images. Carol’s picture of Rachel’s mother seeing her in the dress is the winner for me!

    1. Cheers Paul. Carol will be very pleased that you liked that shot. I think it’s brilliant. I’m sure if it were possible, she would have tried to get the bride in the picture too, but as we all know that’s not always that easy depending on the room shape etc. However I think it’s very clever how she included the dress picture on the wall, as it totally makes the viewer understand what’s going on.