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Brookfield Barn Wedding | Karla & Shady

Brookfield Barn Wedding Photographers Carol & Paul

This was our first time shooting at Brookfield Barn in Sussex, what a stunning venue. The light in the ceremony room is spectacular for natural light images, due to a huge glass bifold door. Carol and I started the wedding day at Walnut Cottage in Horsham, where Shady and his Syrian family were getting ready.

From the very first few moments of the day, these guys were singing and dancing. I can honestly say I’ve never been to groom preps before where the whole family was dancing, singing and hugging. It was truly beautiful to capture and experience. After breakfast, dressing the groom continued with even more dancing, by all the ushers and friends, with each item of clothing being presented to Shady and a song sung for each piece. Just amazing to watch. The music was going full blast, with disco lights and even a smoke machine on the go. Loved the strange custom of pricking the groom with needles (cocktail sticks substituted). That should be done at every wedding. There was just so much love at this wedding from the family and friends.


After leaving the groom preps, we headed over to the wedding venue, Brookfield Barn in Sussex. Where the bride and her bridesmaids were getting ready. There was a steady flow of cards and small gifts between the couple all morning, which is always a lovely touch, I think. Karla’s father was particularly emotional seeing his daughter in her wedding dress, then walking her down the aisle. I love seeing that. It’s what makes my job as a wedding photographer so special – seeing true, genuine emotions on peoples faces. Love the image of the best man too just after the ceremony, his eyes are full of tears of joy.

In the evening, after the meal and speeches, the couple had hired some Syrian drummers to lead them onto the dance floor for the evening festivities. Boy these guys knew how to party.

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Brookfield Barn – Sussex Wedding Venue

Hair & Makeup – Hanna Wildman

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