Life as a documentary wedding photographer is an emotional rollercoaster. Every wedding we attend is a unique experience, where we become totally absorbed in other people’s lives for a whole day. Then absorbed in pictures of them and their friends and family for the following few days. That creates a strange phenomenon where as soon as you shoot the next wedding, you have to then absorb yourself in that wedding. So you forget what you shot at the previous one. During the busy wedding season, there’s simply not enough time to go back and look at your previous weddings. So it’s a lovely feeling when you create a “best of wedding photography” blog post at the end of the year. It gives you time to reflect back on all those fabulous weddings and the fantastic images captured of people’s lives.

This year took us to quite a few new venues, including the stunning Penton Park in Hampshire and Lympne Castle in Kent. We even had a wedding in Essex, the other side of London for us, at Le Talbooth.  It’s always great to shoot weddings at new venues, because it makes me work harder and be more creative, seeing new things. Often, couples will ask me if we’ve shot at their wedding venue before. In reality it’s not really that important. We capture weddings as they happen, we don’t tell people to “stand over there” because it will make a better photo, that’s just not our style. So experiencing a new venue, is always a thrill as you discover new things.

Carol & Paul Tansley
Hampshire & Surrey Wedding Photographers

Tansley Photography 2017

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    1. Thx Linus. These slideshows are always hard to make (but I love the end result). Trying to get everything to flow nicely and fit the music. Also, as you know yourself, it’s hard to choose between images to use. Out of 22,500 images shot last year – how do you pick your favourites and narrow them down to 144 images.