Our Best Wedding Photography from 2022

To be accurate, this is only some of our best, there were too many images to fit into the end of year slideshow and just one blog post, so we’ve spent the last six weeks trying to trim the collection down and make it into a reasonable number! There were some heart-wrenching decisions to be made when we deleted images from the final collection, as they were all great and we are proud to say our work gets better and stronger every year. We can both barely believe that 2022 was our 14th year shooting weddings together. Creating our 2022 slideshow, for us, is a celebration of the previous year’s work. We both absolutely love what we do and we hope that it shows!

So sit back and enjoy our whistle-stop, lightening blast though some of our favourite images from last year. Looking back, it’s easy to see that the majority of these images are about all those emotional moments. This is something we try to focus on when new clients contact us, we’re not there to photograph you walking down the aisle and cutting the cake – sure, we’ll get those, but the bits in-between are what make your day YOURS and emotional moments are high on the list for us.

Wedding Photography Awards in 2022

At the end of 2022, both of us were ranked 10th in the UK by the Masters of Wedding Photography.

Paul was ranked 150th in the world at Fearless Photographers. An incredible achievement, the level of work within Fearless Photographers is phenomenal. Tansley Photography also ranks in the Top 100 Worldwide at This is Reportage, and we’re 4th in the UK at ISPWP.

Looking back, the past 14 years have been an incredible journey and it still continues to be. We LOVE capturing that one special day of our couples lives, photographing unique and real moments, that authentically tell the story of their wedding day.

Masters 2022 Top10 Paul
This is Reportage 2022 Top 100 300px 1
Masters 2022 Top10 Carol

There were also plenty of other awards for both of us throughout the year. We love our images being appreciated by our fellow wedding photographers in these competitions. Here are two of our favourites. More on our Awards page.

paul tansley 8238 r67
ISPWP 2022 Summer Humour 11th

Best Wedding Photos 2022

Look out 2023 – Here we come!

If you’re looking for a couple of the best wedding photographers in the UK to photograph your own wedding, why not get in touch. We’d love to capture your special day for you both.

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