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Hayley & Gavin’s Oakley Hall Wedding

A beautiful late summers day in September for Hayley and Gavin’s wedding at the stunning Oakley Hall near Basingstoke, Hampshire. As the boys were also getting ready at the hotel, we were easily able to tell both sides of the story of the wedding morning. Carol covered the boys preparations, which were a lot of fun, and Paul stayed with Hayley to capture her and her bridesmaids getting ready. We love being able to cover both stories like this, the hours before your ceremony are often so fleeting and full of special moments that you can share afterwards through our pictures.

Oakley Hall is a gorgeous wedding venue, with beautiful rooms for your ceremony plus grounds that really lend themselves to romantic portraits. A walk to the wooded glade at the back of the venue not only gives couples some time away from their guests, but gives us a chance to shoot some stunning portraits. We also did a 2nd portrait session, as there was a nice sunset. This only took 5 minutes, but was well worth the effort to get something extra special of just the couple together. 

Hayley and Gavin’s family and friends made for a really fun wedding day, lots of laughs and smiles, and a few tears too, plus some brilliant party pictures. The ushers playing on the swing later on in the day was hilarious. They were trying to jump off it and do a forward roll. Boys will be boys. 

The slideshow gives a short preview of their wedding day. The images below give you a better chance to see things in more detail.

by Carol & Paul | Tansley Photography

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Oakley Hall Wedding Photographers | Tansley Photography

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