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Carol doesn’t shoot weddings on her own, but ever since my first wedding over 10 years ago, she has often acted as my second photographer and now my wife.  She has an amazing eye for composition and great timing to capture unique moments. Being an Art Director gives her a unique way of looking at things.

Having been on countless fashion shoot, with some of the UK’s best photographers, Carol’s early experience in fashion magazines taught her so much about what makes great images. After working on fashion magazines, Carol became the Art Director of Wedding & Home magazine, around 1996. We used to do many fashion shoots and magazine cover shoots together.

While Art Director of Wedding & Home, Carol was very much responsible for helping introduce couples to a new style of wedding photography – Documentary wedding photography!

WPJ Award - Little Boy being dressed

When she was choosing which real life weddings to put in the magazine, she chose people like Ian Johnson, who was shooting in a reportage style. Ian even mentions Carol in this article and credits her with being very much an important part of the move to so many weddings being shot this way nowadays. 

“The magazine now called ‘ Weddings’  now, was then called  ‘Wedding and Home ‘ Carol Herning  the art director made this wedding the first non UK couple .  Actually I think Carol Herning can take a lot of credit for Real Life weddings ‘ trend she was instrumental back then.”

Carol acts as my second shooter when we shoot together. The best second shooters are there to capture moments that the main photographer can’t see, for instance, just before the bride walks into the ceremony. The back of the dress during the ceremony, when I’m normally busy capturing the brides face as she looks at her groom. However, throughout the day a second photographer provides extra images that I simply didn’t see, making the final wedding gallery of images much more varied.

Wedding Photos by Carol

Award 9D Carol Little girl being dragged away from group shot Anxious Bride with Father just before walking down the aisle Wedding Speeches at Froyle Park wedding Child laughing loudly while having hair done Bridal Preps, Frensham Park wedding Clandon Park Wedding Photographer 43 3954 Bride laughing through car window Carol Tansley 07 9327 Bridal preps hair Carol Tansley 27 7596 Carol Tansley 09 8302 Carol Tansley 12 4906 Bridal preps Award 9D Cutting the cake

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The beauty of having a second photographer at your wedding day is that they see things differently. They can be in different places to the first photographer. They can even be in the same place, but just looking the other direction, so seeing different things. There are so many advantages. Take a look at this blog post all about the benefits of Two Wedding Photographers

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